Spinal Pain Research Laboratory

Spinal Pain Research Laboratory

Head of Laboratory: Prof. Dr. Deborah Falla


Laboratory activities

This Laboratory focuses on two of the most common musculoskeletal complaints; low back pain and neck pain. Studies are conducted to investigate the neural control of the spine in normal conditions and evaluate changes in the presence of spinal pain. The laboratory utilizes multiple and parallel experimental techniques including multichannel surface EMG, intramuscular EMG, pressure pain threshold mapping, motion analysis and force measurements to quantify alterations in neuromuscular control of the spine. The knowledge gained through such studies contributes to the development of contemporary rehabilitation programs for patients with spinal pain. Additional aims of the Laboratory are the design and evaluation of training programs for the management of spinal pain.

Representative directional activation curves obtained from the right sternocleidomastoid muscle during a circular contraction performed at 15 N are presented for a control subject and a patient with chronic neck pain


Representative recent publications

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