Neural Prosthesis Laboratory

Neural Prosthesis Laboratory

Laboratory Head: Dr. Strahinja Dosen


Laboratory activities

The goal of the Neural Prosthesis lab (NP) is to develop and implement novel control methods and solutions for orthotic and therapeutic systems with surface or implantable interfaces delivering electrical stimulation to activate sensory and/or motor structures. We place a special emphasis on motor NPs that are used to restore or assist the lost or diminished motor functions or to suppress the pathological motor activity. We are developing a model based approach for the control of functional electrical stimulation (FES) relying on simple and tractable musculoskeletal models that can be experimentally identified. The models are used for offline design of stimulation profiles or online control of electrical stimulation (sensor driven approach).  We are also interested in the integration of FES with passive and active exoskeletons. Currently, we are developing and testing an FES system for tremor suppression that uses surface electromyography to detect tremor and deliver electrical stimulation to attenuate the tremorogenic muscle activity. We are also integrating the FES stimulation of the shoulder muscles for therapeutic exercises in a pneumatic robot for the shoulder rehabilitation (cooperative control).

In collaboration with the BCI lab, we are developing BCI controlled FES therapeutic systems. BCI promotes an active participation and cognitive involvement of the subject, while FES provides the motor outcome (reward and motivation) and sensory feedback due to the elicited movement and direct stimulation of afferent pathways.


Representative recent publications

S. Dosen, J. L. Dideriksen, E. Rocon, J. L. Pons, D. Farina, "Suppression of pathological tremor using surface electrical stimulation and electromyography," World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, May 26-31, Beijing, China.

S. Dosen, J. L. Dideriksen, E. Rocon, J. L. Pons, D. Farina. Tremor suppression using electromyography and surface sensory electrical stimulation, ICNR 2012, 14-16 November 2012, Toledo, Spain.


DEMOS (in preparation)

Online tremor suppression system

Online tremor experiments

Shoulder stimulation

Shoulder stimulation and shoulder robot

Software tool for the design of stimulation profiles