Advanced Myoelectric Control of Prosthetic Systems

Grant agreement no.: 251555
Grant Scheme: Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP), FP7-People Theme
Project full title: Advanced Myoelectric Control of Prosthetic Systems
Project acronym: AMYO
Duration of the project: 48 months
Start date of the project: 01.09.2010

Project successfully completed


In spite of decades of research and many capabilities and potentials as well as incremental improvements, advanced human-machine interfaces based on the electromyogram (EMG) still have a significant distance from professional and commercial applications. This is also and particularly true for myoelectric prosthetic devices. Available commercial myoelectric control systems for prostheses can only control one single degree-of-freedom at a time. However, there is a great need for improved myoelectric control systems.  The proposed project will combine European academic excellence in EMG signal processing and pattern recognition, industrial expertise in EMG acquisition, and the clinical and industrial expertise of the market leader in prosthetics. The objective of the proposal is to advance myoelectric control systems that allow simultaneous and intuitive control of several degrees of freedom.