Patent 1

Title: "Sensor Fusion for Control of Upper Limb Protheses: Integration of Myoelectric Control with Stereovision, Augmented Reality and Inertial Sensin"
Filing number: EP 13171671.4
Owners: Georg-August-University Goettingen and Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH
Inventors: Marko Markovic, Strahinja Dosen, Dario Farina, Dejan Popovic, Bernhard Graimann


Patent 2

Title: Method and Neuroprosthetic Device for Monitoring and Suppression of Pathological Tremors Through Neurostimulation of the Afferent Pathways
Filing number: EP13382169.4
Owners: Georg-August-University Goettingen and Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), Madrid, Spain
Inventors: Dario Farina, Strahinja Dosen, Jose Luis Pons, Eduardo Rocon